I May Seem Calm, But I’m Really Not

This is what severe anxiety looks like. I can function in society (on a limited basis) but inside, I’m usually screaming or crying. I worry about EVERYTHING under the sun, and it is exhausting. If you have ever felt anxiety like this, message me below.


I love to read! This is almost a humorous statement, and doesn’t come close to describing how integral reading is to my life. I love to read all types of book genres, especially womens’ fiction, historical fiction, and Young Adult books. I primarily review books on Goodreads, Instagram, BookishFirst, and am excited to start providing … Continue reading LET’S READ!


This is our first Spring in our new home in Maine. I’ve been so happy seeing the flowers blooming, bumblebees finding pollen, and relaxing on our tree swing. I love Spring every year, because it almost feels like the world is waking up.

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