Do What Makes Your Heart Happy

One of my fondest childhood memories is writing a story about Elvis, the King, still being alive and traveling around the country, having crazy adventures. My story was over 110 pages, and I loved reading parts of it to my family and friends. Even after I wrapped up that story, writing continued to be a huge part of my life. I wrote stories constantly, often asking those around me for advice and suggestions. In high school, I was on the Writing Team with two other students. We traveled to different places, to compete with other students and their writing. That experience helped me to realize that I wanted to continue filling notebooks with words, for as long as I was able to do it. Very recently, I have gotten some wise advice from a writer friend. She told me if I love writing that much, I need to make it a part of my daily life. Even if I’m tired or sad, I can still put pen or (pencil) to paper and CREATE.

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