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Float Plan by Trish Doller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

TW: Suicide

“Float Plan” is the story of Anna Beck, a young woman coming to terms with the death of her fiance Ben. To honor him (and to help herself heal), she embarks on a sea journey in Ben’s boat; the same boat he and Anna were supposed to be on to sail the Caribbean together. As her quest begins, Anna quickly realizes she is in over her head, and hires a first mate named Keane Sullivan, a worldly (but broken) Irishman. Keane and his antics are a delightful foil to Anna’s more somber view on life. Anna learns so much about herself on the journey, and it’s lovely to see her learning to live again.

I loved everything about this book, especially the lush and detailed descriptions of the Caribbean islands Anna and Keane sail to. I could almost smell the salt air and envision the clear waters, which was a wonderful treat. The author Trish Doller also deftly handles the subjects of mental health and suicide; these are not simple tasks for any writer.

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